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VIAJES MOLITUR S.A.S, is a sustainable Travel Agency which commercializes touristic products and services adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers, To reach our goal we implement a sustainable management system by identifying environmental, sociocultural and economic aspects and establishing programs for the reduction and mitigation of the impacts generated by our activities. We are one hundred percent committed towards sustainability, this is why we promote this policy among our partners, employees, customers and suppliers.

Viajes Molitur S.A.S, acknowledges and values the human talent as the most important and cherished resource and complies with all the Laws, Decrees, Resolutions and other requirements based on the nature of our industry and our purpose of implementing and executing our business objective in all levels of our company.

We promote awareness and sensitization towards Safety and Health at the work place by applying training programs with the collaboration of all the employees, aiming at keeping safety work conditions, avoiding occupational accidents and diseases and to this end we are committed to be part of all the activities programmed and offered by our OCCUPATIONAL AND SAFETY COMMITTEE AT WORK - COPASST. Our collaborators must use proIective equipment which is necessary and suitable according to the work performed, when this is not followed, we act according to the Internal Work Regulations.

OUR HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK COMMITTEE establishes a control and inspection system for a continuous improvement and the management of the company cares about the psychological, social, and physical well-being. Consequently, we are always open to suggestions that could better our work and production conditions as well as the quality of life of our staff, thus, the disclosure of the Health and Safety at work Policy is part of the initial training for all employees.

Finally, it is important to mention that we see continuous improvement as an important part of our organizational culture and our actions are aligned with standards to ensure sustainability, safety and the quality of our products and services.